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Mark’s Monday blog

By Mark Armour | In Uncategorized | on October 2, 2017

Taekwondo Blog

So here’s the scene – I’m sitting at my desk typing with shoes off as my right foot is swollen, painful and agitated. I don’t particularly care whether anyone’s got a problem with this as the level of discomfort is through the roof. Anyhoo I will still be going to class tonight as I’m addicted to Taekwondo.

Last weeks round up

Adults class was varied with fitness, kicking technique, drills and also poomsae (patterns). With Monday being a bank holiday the attendance level was diabolical. I say this in jest…actually I don’t, we love teaching loads of students and miss your faces when you don’t turn up. I’m thinking of creating ‘wanted’ or ‘missing’ posters for repeat offenders that could be handed out in the local Co-op or takeaway joints!.

All kidding aside it’s good to get back to basics every so often. That way the fundamental action of our kicks and punches will remain true. Same applies to poomsae, we need to practice these not only in class but in our own time. It doesn’t take long to go through all the patterns and you don’t need a lot of space – I do 15mins of practice once or twice a week and this is enough to keep them fresh in the mind.

Patterns can be a bit of a bind, particularly for the kids. Tough!…they need to be learned and if you don’t then you aren’t going to pass gradings. Personally I really really (yes, a double) enjoy poomsae practice. I don’t believe in doing anything at less than 100% and if patterns are performed with speed, strength, power and with action/reaction then its a Complete Taekwondo Total Body Sweat Workout  (CTTBSW) – I thought it would be pretty cool to put some capital letters in and give my made up term an acronym.

Did you know that each pattern should be performed in a different way to reflect the meanings..some slow and strong, some fast and flowing.

Friday night sparring class

I think this week saw the largest turn out since the beginning of time. Adam did the head count and went round his fingers and toes twice to make 60, after the 3rd recount we agreed on 40.

The atmosphere was excellent, there was a few new faces and friends from another club. The group, or rather the Team, continue to gel and whilst my saying this may seem a bit repetitive the truth is that everyone is getting better and better.

Coffee morning

Cakes, tea, coffee, grown men kicking about like a group of auld women. Nah it was fine eh?, £310.70 raised for an excellent cause and it wasn’t exactly a chore having to munch on cakes for a couple of hours – or more if like Robert you went home with some extras.

October is grading month

At the end of the month everyone of the classes will have a scheduled grading. That means all students have a further 3 weeks or so to polish up on all that they require to know.

We have decided to put on an additional Saturday class (1 to 2 hours) on the lead up to gradings that will provide an intense refresher of all patterns. This is only a refresher so students need to put in their own practice.

Please note – a grading is not only a practical examination, you will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of taekwondo. Don’t worry dissertations aren’t required but you do need to know some of the basic principals, meaning of your grade/belt colour/pattern.

If you have any questions then you can reply to this post, go on don’t be shy. Or ask your instructor.

Quick badminton report – Robert continues to play badly, partly due to my constant heckling from either the side line or adjacent court and/or the struggle of getting used to this new racket. The new tech and gear and is getting me a little concerned, even Rennie turned up with a double bag (with shoulder strap!) containing 2 rackets and Nicky apparently selects his racket of choice dependant on how many points we play!!!!! Even Duncan ditched his bag for life and is now sporting a Jaguar holdall – well at least we know what was gnawing on his racket handle. Meanwhile back at the ranch am still stuffing a wallet, phone, water bottle and £5 worth of shrapnel into my head cover. Adam’s now got a couple of wins under his collar

On a plus note I beat Robert and took a game off Rennie – BOOOM!

See you all tonight – Exciting times!!!!!!

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