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Mark’s Monday Taekwondo blog

By Mark Armour | In Uncategorized | on October 23, 2017

Taekwondo blog

Good afternoon, it was an eventful last week so here goes…

Adults classes Monday’s and Wednesday’s – 7pm til 8pm

The number of attendee’s is much improved from recent weeks which has a positive impact on the group. Greater numbers allow us to split into better sized groups for a whole range of exercises and drills.

As you’ll be aware there are gradings across all classes this week so part of the classes was set aside for poomsae and one step sparring. The standard was very good and there will be more to practice tonight in preparation for Wednesday. Poomsae and one step sparring (including locking techniques and take downs) are disciplines on there own and can be a part of taekwondo that we take for granted. Like all self defence, one step sparring is something that we all need to build up to ensure we are able to perform beyond a basic level.

Although it doesn’t feel like it, the class is still fairly new. We are continuing to work on student fitness levels whilst at the same time incorporating keys aspects of taekwondo. It’s amazing how quickly time passes in each class, which is great for students who are clearly enjoying themselves whilst performing high level taekwondo. The only draw back (a slight one at least!) is that there is so much we want to fit in and sometimes can’t!.

We have a new start tonight, a black belt that will be joining us from another organisation and I know everyone will make her feel welcome.

Mark Taekwondo

Family class Saturday’s – 10.30am to 11.30am

We have more than a few families now attending and 3 weeks in the absolute beginners are already demonstrating a basic level of taekwondo that would allow them to progress up a grade.

Obviously there are loads of activities families can do and taekwondo is just one – but I am biased and there’s nothing better to see a family engage in a proper ‘active’ activity.

Friday sparring class – 6pm to 8pm

Another excellent turn out with over 30 students. The emphasis this week was on the new rules. There were drills set up to ensure students engage in matches without giving away needless points due to backing off too far out of range. It wasn’t perfect and it never is, nor do we expect it to be. The more we practice the better we will all get – irrespective of age or grade!.

The match up’s were really good, some students were displaying high flying techniques. Tomaz, the Polish plasterer, performed a glorious 360 kick…regrettably his knee made the journey and not his body. Twas a sore one I expect and it just goes to show that for all the coaches, guidance and safety equipment accidents can still happen. Fortunately they are few and far between and we all hope Tomaz recovers quickly!.

This week at RAW taekwondo

Gradings are happening but that doesn’t mean classes are off. Students are expected to attend gradings whether you are participating or not. No matter how well prepared you think you are there are always nerves and this is normal!. Fellow students should be there to provide moral support and also to see what will be expected of you next time.

I’ve got 2 new doboks so i’ll be sparkling white for the next few weeks until the yellowness creeps back in!. Anyone else would be embarrassed by this yellow phenomenon, not me!. That’s a true measure of sweat and commitment!.

I’m trying to get a function on this for uploading videos so I can post one of Master Robertston attempting to go down the ‘big’ slide at Adventure Planet on Saturday. What a sight it was to behold…hanging on for dear life at the top whilst trying to casually speak to the female attendant. He actually tried to ‘dreepy’ 20ft before the arthritic clench of his fists were seen as he slid down screaming and clawing the air.

Badminton group – Sunday 8pm to 9pm

A decent performance by all me thinks. Hats off to Adam for winning a match (he still doesn’t realise I was playing right handed). Also to the crocodile hunter himself, Duncan, for managing to score a point against me and save a granny!. One a piece between me and Rennie, if I’d managed to get in there first before his knee warmed up I could’ve had 2!

It was a lot more civilised this week with Robert working, or at least a little less for me to laugh at. Duncan did make up for it with his cries of woe whether it was; his jammed elbow, hole in his racket, fly swatting, constant hitting the ceiling and/or false calls! hee hee.

Good luck to everyone that is grading this week. See you tonight or through the week.


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