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COVID-19 Guidance to Taekwondo update

Please make yourself familiar with our guidance for when our classes start back from tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and appreciate you all doing your bit to keep everyone safe. See you soon!
Raw Taekwondo Guidance;


1. Getting to and from the session, guidance states you must not car share to the session with anyone from outside your household.
2. Parking at the centre is limited, please allow one parking space between participants in the centre. There is plenty of parking available at the rear of the building.
3. Taekwondo classes will use the same exit but allow a 10 min buffer at the start and end of each class to reduce build-up of traffic in communal area’s/drop-off zones.
4. When dropping children off, parents and children over 12 are advised to comply with current rules regarding wearing of masks, i.e. if entering a building this should be worn. There is no requirement to wear a mask during class activity. (We ask that parents/carers observing Tots class wear a face covering/ maintain a social distance while in the hall)
5. Sanitising stations have been be made available at both entry and exit point, as well as within the gym area.
6. Instructors will have a gap period between classes in order to allow the class to exit safely and to sanitise any equipment prior to the arrival of the next class.
7. We are required to keep a ‘track and trace’ log of all students / parents / carers entering the facility. This will include Date & Time of attendance as well as relevant contact information. This information will be kept and stored for 21 days.
8. It is advised that where possible parents / carers should drop children off to class at the main entrance and return to collect them at the appropriate time. This is to avoid any build-up of people in the hallway.
9. Please note our lounge will be closed until further notice.
Kam sa ham ni da

Temporary class times

Monday – Tiny tots 1130 (no change)
Monday – Tots 3:30pm (new time 3:20-3:50pm)
Monday – Peewees 4:00pm (new time 4:10pm-4:50pm)
Monday – Cadets-Junior 5:00pm (new time 5:10pm-5:50pm)
Monday – Adults 7:00pm (new time 7:00pm-7:50pm)
Monday – Sparing 8:10pm (new time 8:10pm-9:00pm)

Tuesday – Tots 4:00pm (no change)
Tuesday – Peewees 5:00pm (new time 5.00pm-5:50pm)
Tuesday – Cadets-Junior 6:00pm (new time 6:10pm-6:50pm)

Wednesday – Peewees 4:00pm (new time 4:00pm-4:50pm)
Wednesday – Cadets-Junior 5:00pm (new time 5:10pm-5:50pm)
Wednesday – Peewee-Cadets-Junior (Sparring)6:00pm (new time 6:10pm-6:50pm)
Wednesday – Adults 7:00pm (new time 7:10pm-7:50pm)
Wednesday – Sparing 8:10pm (new time 8:10pm-9:00pm)

Thursday – Peewees 4:00pm (new time 4:00pm-4:50pm)
Thursday – Cadets-Junior 5:00pm (new time 5:10pm-5:50pm)
Thursday – TKDFit (Female only) 6:00pm (new time 6:10pm-6:50pm)

Friday – Peewees 5:00pm (new time 5:00pm-5:50pm)
Friday – Team Training 6:00pm (new time 6:00pm-8:00pm)

Saturday – Mixed 10:30am (new time 10:30am-11:20am)
Saturday – Peewee-Cadets-Junior-Adults 11:30 (new time 11:40am-12:50am)
Saturday – mixed 1:00pm (new time 1:10pm-2:00pm)

Sunday – Tiny Tots 10:00am (new time 09:30am-10:00am)
Sunday – Tots 10:30am (new time 10.20am-10:50am)
Sunday – Mixed 11:00am (new time 11:10am-11:50pm)
Sunday – Daedo 12:00pm (new time 12:10pm-1:50pm)
Sunday MMA 2:00pm (new time 2:10pm-3:00pm)

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