Raw Taekwondo Race night 28th August 2017

Taekwondo Race night 2017

Our race night will be held on Saturday the 28th of August, this is to raise fund in order to host the Raw Taekwondo Championships on the 10th of September 2017, in the Tryst Sports centre, Cumbernauld.
Please invite your family and friends the more the merrier. Lots of fun games, races and bingo. The more people who attend the better the atmosphere tends to be.
We hope to run a successful competition, and money raised at both the competition and night will be used to help send a Taekwondo Team to Iceland in May 2017.

The Race night is a great social event and a great way to raise club funds, the night will be hosted by Pete Rose of Redbox Entertainment and was a massive success last year.
Venue: Knight of St Columba. Moodiesburn
Time: 1900
Date: 28th August 2017

Please purchase your tickets on the gofundme website: Click here.
Team members will be encouraged to sell the horses before the event and source prizes where possible.


Our Taekwondo club Trains in Westfield in our full time Taekwondo centre, Cumbernauld every Friday night. We have a large team ready to take the world by storm!

Taekwondo Cumbernauld

Q) How does the race night work?

A) A race night usually consists of between six and nine races each with eight horses. The first five to eight are normal races where you would be expected to sell each of the horses in each race to an owner prior to the race night. The owner names the horse and would get a prize if their horse wins the race. The last race is an auction race where each horse is sold to the highest bidder on the night, with a large cash prize given to the winning owner of this race.


The normal running order for a night would be:


Races 1 to 4

Interval with Stand Up bingo & Raffles

Races 5 to 7 or 8

The Auction Race

Every race has the same format:

  • For the auction race the horses are sold to owners who bid for each horse.
  • The betting is opened and bets are sold for each horse. When everyone has had a chance to bet on the horse(s) of their choice the betting is closed.
  • A member of the audience is invited to select a race from a selection of unmarked security sealed DVDs.
  • The value of each bet is announced to the audience
  • The race is played.
  • The winning ticket holders collect their money.
  • The winning owner is presented with their prize.