Grand Master Jaeung Shin Seminar

Raw Taekwondo had the pleasure of receiving Grandmaster Shin, Taekwondo 8th Dan for a two-day spectacular seminar. Korean, Grand Master Shin has over 40 years Taekwondo experience and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. Grand Master Shin has been a full-time Taekwondo player since middle school in Seoul, qualified with a degree from Kyunghee University from the department of Taekwondo and a Korean National team coach.

Participating students of mixed ages and abilities enjoyed an action packed schedule covering all aspects of Taekwondo techniques with a focus on Poomsae on the Sunday. This was really beneficial to the students who will be sitting their black belt/Dan grading in December.

Students found the seminar to be really engaging, fun and inspiring with many asking when Grand Master Shin would be returning for the next seminar. Raw hope to welcome Grand Master shin again in 2020 for another fantastic seminar.

If you are interested in taekwondo or joining Raw’s growing team please contact Head Instructor, Master Robertson, 6th Dan at instructor@www.rawtaekwondo.co.uk