Mark’s Monday Taekwondo Blog

Mark’s Monday Taekwondo Blog

Good afternoon Taekwondo people of Cumbernauld and surrounding areas. I hope you are all well and had a great weekend.

On a positive note my agitated foot has gone, well it’s still here but no longer causing me issue, but I am suffering from what feels like severe starvation. I’ve been working like a Trojan all day, missed lunch and just realised the last solid to pass my lips was a slice of toast at 8am! I’ve so far managed to resist a packet of rank rotten chocolate covered coffee beans that someone off loaded on my desk.

Anyhoo this is about RAW Taekwondo so lets crack on with it.

Saturday family class

We had the biggest turn out so far this week, currently there are quite a few more adults than kids and so I suggest you spend time wisely by creating more offspring for us to teach taekwondo.

The class started with the basics and already all students are demonstrating a good understanding of various kicks, stances and movement. Hopefully all involved will start to recognise a difference in themselves, not only the ability to kick but flexibility and fitness.

A special well done to Adam who took time out of dodging flying fridges and persuaded his other half, Amanda, to come along and participate. She did great!

Sparring class

37 students were present this week – enough said!

Please remember there is also a Sunday class at Westfield 11am to 12pm. This is a mixed class (adults and kids) that teaches all the traditional elements of taekwondo.

We are still able to accommodate students at almost all of the classes so if you know anyone that’s interested then please pass on details. That includes weightlifting on Thursday nights 7.30pm – 9pm.

Hopefully see you all tonight!

Taekwondo Coach Armour

Taekwondo Coach Armour