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No!, don’t be getting bogged down with any of that!. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, or whether its raining, the light shines brightly in our Taekwondo centre and when we’re all working our butts off its truly sub tropical.

If you read my weekly nonsense and find yourself being reasonably interested in what we do then come along and give our RAW taekwondo classes a go! You can even bring a friend if you like!.

Our resident vegan, Chris, was back at the adults class this week. I love folk that make a positive healthy change to their lives and he really is a picture of health mooching about the gym with a packet of Skittles and bright green protein shake. In fairness his patters getting better and I couldn’t help but laugh when he referred to my head as the beacon of Gondor. Well played sir!.

RAW weightlifting

This weeks warm up was hard! especially for those of us who’d been at the previous nights taekwondo class. Lengths, sprints, burpees, mountain climbers – I can’t get enough of it!

Deadlifts were the order of the night with pull ups in between sets. Me, Jim and Adam doing a respectable 120-125kgs. The big guys, Robert, Rennie and Craig were lifting + 130kgs. Craig’s 180kg deadlift was excellent! What a guy!.

The prospect of deadlifts was too much for Chris the vegan who left early with his bottle of brown sludge between his legs.

Shout out also to young Ciaran for putting a shift in when he wasn’t flipping a water bottle!

Family class

The photos are up on the page following another fantastic class. After the warm up we practised some footwork before moving on to the pads for kicking drills. It was evident that everyone is really enjoying the atmosphere and getting stuck in!. As usual the time just flies by but before the finish we had the chance to practice more technical kicks on the bags/Bob.

Roll on Saturday!.

One-t0-one Springburn

We had 5 young athletes participating at the one-to-one that took place at Springburn Leisure Centre on Sunday. Baighley, Lucas, Ramsay, Sophia and Archie were all excellent. All 5 are regulars at the Friday night sparring class and it’s great to see them putting techniques into practice. Some were at their first competition and it can be difficult to deal with; kicks need to be powerful enough to score and good movement is essential to retain points by evading the opponent/closing down and setting up for another attack.

The more practice they get, both at Friday night sparring class and at competitions will only allow for them to get better and better.


Alas, my reign came to an end last night. Despite having an off night my poor standard was still good enough to beat Adam and Duncan but Rennie and Robert prevailed and so I’m happy to say their both up to joint 2nd place on the leaderboard.

Quote of the night goes to Duncan who when asked whether he was left handed replied, “naw am corey fistit, ma left haun is fur badminton and sword fighting”.

Maybe next week our friend at Badminton for You will allow us to play on the spectator courts down the front!.