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My week at Raw Taekwondo Cumbernauld

Well it was another action packed week down at the gym that got off to an explosive start on Monday. Adults Taekwondo class kicked off at 7pm sharp and there were a couple of new starts that were eager to get involved. After a fast paced warm up we mixed things up with high energy floor exercises followed by kicking drills and some stretching thrown in for good measure.

The Wednesday class was just as good (hey of course I’m going to say that!) which finished off with a sparring segment. Light contact sparring is a great workout and gave students opportunity to put into practice all the drills from earlier in the class and on Monday. The ritual class ending of high fives, smiley faces and sweaty doboks confirmed what I already knew – everyone loved it!

It’s funny, not until I start typing about a week’s worth of activities do I realise how much I actually do. I’m a bit fortunate that the gym is a mere 4 min drive away from my house and so on days between Taekwondo classes I come down and do some solo training; weights to work out chest and arms (mostly triceps), circuits and boxing.

New Taekwondo Class

I look forward to heading to the gym on a Saturday morning and it suits; my wife enjoys that time with her friends whilst the kids are at dancing. Oh that reminds me, a NEW Raw Taekwondo class has been added to the weekly schedule – Saturday mornings 10.30 – 11.30 (starts this coming Saturday 12th August). We’re looking for new starts so it would be great it you could spread the word far and wide.

I’m not the type of person that gives himself goals but I have, mostly over the past 5 years and definitely in the last year, made a conscious effort to push myself as hard as possible from the start until the finish of every class. It can be easy to allow concentration to slip when you feel tired, you slow down or stop. In my mind set its all about getting out what you put in and the harder you work the fitter and stronger you get!. It does work, there is no doubt that I’m currently fitter than I’ve ever been. There’s younger guys and girls in the class as well and I intend to be keeping them on their toes for many years to come.


Physical exercise aside the weekend also involved swimming with my girls and a trip to the cinema to see Spiderman. On the way there I told my youngest that I was Spiderman and then put a red balaclava on (don’t we all have one stuffed into the glove box in case of emergencies?) – I’m pretty sure she didn’t believe me and now only looks at me like I’m an idiot!.

On the way home we dropped into Robert and Rowan’s who were having a BBQ. We were only there an hour but in that short time I developed an acute respiratory disorder from the plumes of smoke emitted from the 2 black lungs that were being cremated on the grill (they may have started life as chicken breasts). In fairness I’m sure they tasted great in those brioche buns!.

I really am rambling now but I suppose this is what happens on a blog. Sunday night badminton is now a thing, it’s happening and there are 4 regulars who are all better than decent.

Hopefully there may be a couple of new faces at classes this week. Irrespective we’ll all be there  – exciting times.

New grades