Cumbernauld Taekwondo Centre

Cumbernauld Taekwondo Centre

Woke up this morning freezing, went out into an almost freezing car and drove to work ready for another Monday. It’s currently half 3 and sun is already setting….yep, Scotland’s brilliant in the summer but more than a little depressing in the autumn/winter.

But fear not (it’s nearly Halloween and I just slipped that in seamlessly) we will all soon be finished work and getting ready for another amazing week of taekwondo! – oh yes, oh yes, exciting times.

Maybe tonight’s adults class should Halloween themed, all the guys and girls dressed up?. Nah, that’s been done – Robert, Rennie, Duncan and Adam all came to badminton last night disguised as players! (skelp). We’ll come back to that…

Winter goals

You’ve heard it all before.. dark nights, cold mornings, loads of stuff on the telly, co-op already selling xmas pies (it has been since July) and jumbo bags of nuts. It’s easy to lounge at home at this time of year and forego routine exercise. Well, Marky’s got news for you…that’ll make you fat and you don’t want that! (oooft we’re even rhyming now!).

Twice weekly taekwondo exercise at RAW for adults is proven to cut obesity and boredom by 95%, whilst general happiness, goodwill, and teamwork levels increase by 110%. You really couldn’t make these statistics up and here’s best bit, if you’re reading this and aren’t already a member then get “yer ass” down this evening (or Wednesday if, like usual, Robert doesn’t post this until about midnight) and throw yourself in.

We are still running a free month of taekwondo for new starts which includes classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (Weights), Saturday morning and Sunday morning. It also includes Friday sparring but you may want to give that a miss, lets face it if you haven’t done taekwondo before you’re just going to get battered!.

Dan Grading this Sunday

We wish him all the best……

There will be a seminar from 10am – 12pm on the day that is open to red belts upwards. Might I suggest all eligible students attend as key aspects being covered includes patterns, one step sparring, self defence, breaking.

The grading will start immediately and I’m sure you will join me in wishing all the candidates the best of luck on the day!. My wife, Caroline, will be one of those candidates and being of the shy type won’t be happy that I’ve publicly outed her. For that I’m sorry (or will be sorry!).

KUP grading last week

Really just wasted my time typing that sub heading as the results haven’t been passed out yet and so to say anything may ruin someone’s life, aspirations and dreams.


There’s been a lot of trash talk this week, whispers of me getting beat off Adam and folk questioning whether I’m really as gash as Robert’s been telling everyone. Duncan helped to warm me up for a fantastic session with his pack of 2 super-heavy shuttlecock grenades and after a full racket restring I was good to go.

Adam was up first and I decided to play straight this week so I took off my blindfold, stopped hopping on one foot and played left hand only – thrashed him. Duncan – skelped, Robert – skelped, Rennie – skelped. Round 2 and the full sweep was on again as I smashed everyone (except Rennie).

Great night and I sincerely hope the workers in the hall got home ok after the major gas leak.