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Raw Taekwondo Championships, Cumbernauld

Taekwondo cumbernauld

Taekwondo cumbernauld Competition

Happy Monday everyone. I hope everyone had a great week and weekend. There is much to discuss and debate after an exciting Taekwondo schedule over the last 7 days.

Raw Taekwondo Cumbernauld Championships 2017

All of the students hard work and dedication paid off on Sunday at the Raw Taekwondo Championships which took place at the Tryst Sports Centre in Cumbernauld. I managed to get along and take in some of the matches and I was really impressed, but not surprised, by what I saw.

On the whole it looked to me that everyone did amazing. Obviously

Someone has to lose a match but that doesn’t mean the unsuccessful competitors can’t take something from the match. In actual fact lots can, and have, been gained!!

Without mentioning names there was an achievement across the entire team from pee-wee’s through to seniors. Those competing for the first time, or have had some time out, will realise that nerves kick in on the day and the normal ability to score points is a good bit harder. It doesn’t always matter how many times you’re told to relax – sometimes it just takes time to settle into a match.

This really is where Friday night sparring has a positive affect on students ability to achieve their goals on competition day. Friday nights are competitive (yet fun!), students have all the equipment on and constantly rotate against others. All this preparation will eventually reduce nerves and allow students to compete in the same relaxed manner that they do in class. It takes time, of course it does, just like all aspects of Taekwondo. We learn something each and every class and build on our knowledge.

Others that are usually a bit nervous were surprisingly calm and relaxed on the day. As a result they were able to demonstrate a wide variety of techniques and more to the point – score.

At the end of the day the score line doesn’t always matter. I don’t buy into modern day PC where we’re expected to promote mediocrity. The club aims for the best for all students and the high level coaching is a testament to that – everyone can be proud of their performances yesterday and fully deserve the praise they got from coaches, family members and friends. Roll on the next challenge.


Anyhoo, back to this week. We set up the gym last night so the mats are all back down on the floor ready for action. The two rings now seem bigger and so we’ll see if that’s just an optical illusion brought about by the smell that engulfed Westfield last night. More Taekwondo this evening for me which means sweat, aches and pains. Ahhh I love it.

Join me at the adults class Mondays and Wednesdays 7pm – 8pm!!!!. Do it!