Taekwondo in Cumbernauld

Taekwondo in Cumbernauld

Well done to our Cumbernauld Taekwondo team who were successful at recent kup gradings! I only saw the adults grading which was great overall.

Dan, otherwise known as Duncan, passed his red belt grading – congratulations to him on the achievement. A good performance on the night – certainly a lot better than when he went for blue belt and created a new 52 move pattern that he performed with gusto! A sight to behold it was and at around 15mins long it was the longest pattern in history! Hats off to you, you kept it simple and opted for standard Tae Guk patterns this time and nailed it!

Dan Grading yesterday at RAW Taekwondo centre

As a coach and/or instructor there is nothing that makes you feel more proud than to see your students get to the stage where they are deemed ready to test for black belt.

Parents and students will know that we don’t simply give our belts when a student is eligible to sit their next grading. Their success at each step of the journey needs to be earned.

The pre grading seminar was well attended by students of red belt level (2nd kup) and upwards. Everyone had the opportunity to polish up on fine details of the core requirements. After a lunch break the grading began and as Master Robertson said afterwards, this grading was of an exceptionally high standard.

A huge congratulations to everyone who was successful on the day and a special mention to my wife, Caroline Armour, who despite now being a Kukkiwon registered 1st Dan Black belt will still hold title of longest serving red belt in the history of mankind.

Taekwondo team Badminton

This is not a part of the syllabus but if anyone wants to join in then they are move than welcome. Anybody that is interested can PM me directly as the elected badminton club leader, best player and lesson giver.

You don’t have to be a star player, new starts get to warm up on the baby court with Duncan and Adam.

Last nights escapades were epic, I’m not one for blowing my own trumpet (pardon the pun) but having taken a commanding 2 matches from Adam and Duncan I was ready to move onto the intermediates (Robert and Renaldo). Last week I went for the jugular but Rennie’s knee looked sore this Sunday, could I really embarrass him with a 2 week in a row skelping?… No, I couldn’t bring myself to do it so I let the shots drop short – I don’t care about my own feelings, it was all worth it to see that wee smile on his face.

Adam wanted another shot at the group leader, fair enough. He even bet me he’d win!. The match lasted 7mins and for 6.5mins he was sliding around the floor trying to pick up my net shots. Better luck next time noob!

Blow by blow

Round 2 with Duncan and to be honest there wouldn’t have been much to talk about here. But for the fact that I administered the first granny in our Sunday Badminton Club in Cumbernauld. 15 – Nil in record time. Now you don’t usually hear me gloating in the hall. No no, but this deserved a lap of honour bull ride!

Robert did beat me in 2 matches, it was quite funny really. The poor boy was so eager to get a win back. He never let me get back to position between points. Desperately playing wee snider dink serves. It’s ok, Uncle Marky will teach young Magnus how to play fair. Well I need to gloat when I can it’s the only time I’ve won in five years of playing him at badminton.