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Happy Monday everyone. It has been an eventful couple of weeks with lots of events worthy of discussion. Lots going on and lots more to come at Cumbernauld Taekwondo Centre


The RAW Taekwondo race night has come and gone but I was posted missing last week and haven’t had a chance to mention until now. For a start there was an amazing turn out, I reckon 100% up on last year. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there was, as expected, full participation on the races. Loads of gifted donations, which were all highly appreciated, meant that no one (almost) went home empty handed.

My table seemed to be a disadvantaged and I was slightly aggrieved that I never got that Body Coach DVD that I’d be eying up all night – or a blow dry.

The funds raised will be a massive help to the club in terms of purchasing new equipment and subsidising further events.


As you will no doubt be aware there is an on going effort to challenge the students through the core Taekwondo classes, competitions and events. What better way to do so than to expose them to students in another country! With this in mind an a trip to Iceland has been organised with our taekwondo friends across the water. Students, young and not so young, will be able to train along side others and show off their skills. There will also be a competition to close the event where students will be able to demonstrate all their hard sparring work of Friday nights.

I believe there are already around 20+ persons booked up for the trip with others looking to do so shortly. That really is a fantastic response and I have no doubt it’ll be worth it for all involved. If you are a parent/guardian there will be lots to see and do; volcanoes, ice, snow, ice, snow, water, ice and maybe the odd volcano.


The last 3 weeks have easily seen the largest number of attendees since this event started. There is now an average of 30 students. There are a lot of sore hands after the class having to high-five so many people. In terms of performance the fitness levels are high and students continue to excel. There isn’t much more I can add to previous comments other than to say the upcoming RAW Taekwondo Championships has come along at the right time and I hope that all of those that attend on Friday’s will be taking part. Our ability to accommodate so many with communal protective gear is getting harder so it may now be the time for students to order some kit.

Go Team RAW! (I almost deleted that purely on cheese value)


More intense Taekwondo classes packed full of sweat inducing exercises, drills and circuits…always carried out with smiles on our faces!. Exciting times.

Please note that RAW Weightlifting class is on every Thursday from 7.30pm to 9pm. There’s a half hour warm up circuit which alone is worth coming along for. It’s a great group, as are all the classes, with hard work and a good bit of banter thrown in.

We’re still looking for new starts, male and female, young and old.

On a concluding note I managed to slightly redeem myself at badminton this week, taking Rennie close on the 2 matches I lost against him. Adam entered the mix, he’s a little rusty but thoroughly enjoyed running around the court like a jack Russell chasing a slabbery stick – although he may need a tube of Savlon for all the floor burns to his knees and elbows.

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Get all the Iceland info using the link below, sparring team only