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It’s Monday afternoon and sitting in my office I’m reflecting on the previous weeks RAW Taekwondo activities and of course what lies ahead for this week – exciting times.

Earlier in the week it was the Adults grading and Monday class was spent practising. The commitment to weekly training continues to impress me and so it was not surprising that the students confidently stepped up to the mark.

Friday is without doubt the best day of the week, not only is it the start of the weekend but more importantly it means Friday night sparring. This combined class is going from strength to strength and this Friday I really saw a marked difference across all ages. Recent weeks emphasis on footwork seems to have hit home and their movement (front and back, as well as sideways) is now there to be seen. As the weeks pass students are getting more confident, allowing them to be more relaxed and react faster. For me it was all about pushing myself to the ultimate limit; movement, speed and loads of sweat!.

Saturday marked the 1yr anniversary at the Westfield training centre and the turn out was easily better attended than the last. As well as giving parents/guardians and prospective new students an opportunity to see what’s on offer there were hourly short TKD sessions. Participation was excellent and it’d be great to see more new faces at the classes.

Sunday was a grading day for some of the students at our Kilsyth club. All students arrived bright and early (including my two daughters) and were on the mats practising their techniques.

Overall the standard was very good (adults and children), although that’s just my opinion and they’ll have to wait to find out their results! Fingers crossed for you all!

I don’t know fully what’s planned for classes this week but as gradings are over I’m sure it will be intense hard work – the type that we all love. See you all later!!!!!!!

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Taekwondo in cumbernauld, Westfield

Mark working with the new whites