Robert Robertson


“Training in Taekwondo has taught me so much and has taken me all over the world. As your instructor, I am dedicated to putting in all the time and effort required to ensure that Taekwondo has the same positive impact in your life, as it has had in mine.”

Master Robert Robertson, founder and Head instructor at RawTaekwondo Scotland, and has been practicing for over 30 years. Robert found his passion for Taekwondo when his father took him along to a local class that his cousins attended. The next week he joined and the rest is history. His passion for Taekwondo encouraged his family to get involved, when his father joined, followed by his two sisters, and finally his little brother. As Master Robertson says “it’s in the family”.


Taekwondo Records

Qualifications Robert Robertson holds:
6th Dan Kukkiwon
BSc Hons Sports and Exercise Science

Started Taekwondo

Began Competing

Competition Career

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-90

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-90

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-91

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-91

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-92

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-92

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-93

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-93

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-94

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-94

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-95Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-95Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-96–

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-96Bronze

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-97Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-97Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-98Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-98Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-99Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-99Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-00Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-00Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-01Gold

World Chungdokwan Championships, Detroit, USASparringOct-01Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-01GoldBest Fighter AwardTTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-02Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-02Gold

Malaysian Interclub Championships, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSparringDec-02Bronze

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-03Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-03Gold

World Chungdokwan Championships, SingaporeSparringApr-04Silver

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-04Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-04GoldBest Fighter AwardBelgian Open, Herentaals, BelgiumSparringFeb-05

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-05Gold

Austrian Open, Salzburg, AustriaSparringMay-052nd Round

Chung Yong Open, Twechar, UKSparringAug-05GoldBest Fighter AwardTTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-05Gold

French International Open – ParisSparringNov-05Quarter final3 Fights

After 2006

British University Championships, SouthamptonSparringMar-06Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-06Gold

World Chungdokwan Championships, Los Angeles, USASparringAug-06Gold

Andorra Cup, AndorraSparringOct-06

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-06GoldGoldGoldBritish University Championships, BristolSparringMar-07Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-07Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-07GoldSilverGoldTrelleborg Open, Trelleborg, SwedenSparringFeb-08Quarter final3 Fights
TTA British ChampionshipsSparringApr-08Gold

British University Championships, NottinghamSparringNov-08Gold

TTA British ChampionshipsSparringNov-08Gold

Kings Tournament QLD, AustraliaSparringJan-09Gold

Caboolture Open, QLD, AustraliaSparringFeb-09Silver

Queensland Open, QLD, AustraliaSparringMar-09Gold

Rawlins Challenge, QLD, AustraliaSparringApr-09Gold

New South Wales Open, NSW, Australia -68SparringJul-09Bronze

Selangor Championships, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -68SparringAug-09Silver

Rawlins Challenge, Perth, Australia -68SparringSep-09Silver

Australian Open -74Kg’sSparringNov-09Silver

French International Open – ParisSparringNov-09

BTCB British Nationals -68kg’sSparringJan-10

Wonderful Copenhagen Cup -68kg’sSparringMar-10

Scottish Cup -68kg’sSparringApr-10Gold

Caledonian Cup -68kg’sSparringMay-10Gold

Chennai – India Commonwealth Championships -63kgsSparringJan-11Silver

Dutch International Open Eindhoven, Holland -63kg’sSparringFeb-11

British university championships -68kg’sSparringMar-11Gold

German OpenSparringMar-11 3 fights

Belgian OpenSparringApr-11 3 fights

Berlin Open SparringMay-11 Bronze

2011 Dublin Open Sparring 2011 Silver

2012 Swedish Open Sparring 2012 Quarters

2012 Spanish Open Sparring 2012

2012 Copenhagen Open Sparring 2012 Silver

2012 Scottish Open Sparring 2012 Gold

2012 Brussels Open Sparring

2013 Swedish Open Sparring

2013 Croatian Open Sparring

Teaching Career

Head Instructor of Raw Taekwondo Club

Additional Info
HND Sports Therapy
6th Dan Taekwondo KUKKIWON
British Weightlifting Level 1