Rowan Robertson


“After a long day in the office, it’s always the kids’ faces at Taekwondo that cheer me up, I love seeing them progress.”

Rowan Robertson tried Taekwondo for the first time in Australia in 2009, because she wanted to know more about the sport that Robert was involved in. She wanted to support Robert and understand as much as possible before she started helping with the club. She grew to love the sport and began practicing weekly once she returned to Glasgow in 2010, earning her black belt in March 2014.


Rowan has been assisting in class teaching for Raw since 2010 and has been coaching since 2012. She assists at Glenboig and Abronhill as well as on Deado days. Teaching children is something she enjoys as a really rewarding and uplifting experience.


She is passionate about Taekwondo being an inclusive sport that is easily enjoyed across age groups and genders.


“We are always keen to give all our practitioners an enjoyable and engaging experience, helping to improve confidence and a positive attitude as well as overall fitness and flexibility.”