Taekwondo Black belts

Raw welcomes 6 new Taekwondo Black Belts

On Sunday 5 November we hosted a seminar and grading for black belt promotion at our Westfield centre. Our seminar kicked off at 10am and was well attended by our senior members, red belt and above. Participants were able to go through the techniques required to earn black belt and dan promotions. After a positive two hour session we broke for lunch, candidates were able to gather there thoughts and put in any last minute practice before taking to the mats.

We are pleased to announce that 6 candidates successfully achieved their 1st degree black belt. All of our new black belts have joined the growing ranks of dan grades in our Raw TKD family, all passing each element of their grading to a very high standard. Thank you for your commitment to Taekwondo and hope to see you smash your next goal in your continuing Taekwondo journey. This is just the beginning!

Congratulations to ( L to R of image) Caroline Armour, Haadiyah Rashid, William Paton, Scott Robertson, Lauren Dunsmore and Muhammad Haseeb Basit.

We now have 24 active blackbelts in our Taekwondo club! Who will be joining the ranks next?

​Massive thanks to Mr Devenney, Mr Armour and Mr Neil for assisting in the smooth running and teachings of the day.